How does it work?

Firstly, i would like to inform you that, this Platfom is not a Microfinance Institution nor Donor, we are not giving away Loan, rather, is a tool helping Vicoba groups to keep their records and various calculations in Vicoba Model.

Desktop Version

Ths Platfoam comes to you with a Desktop version, if you are a frequent user of PC this will help

Smartphone version

With Smartphone, you can access through our address at or download from Google Playstore search for Vicoba App

Important Notice

Vicoba Group get rgistered for both (Desktop Version and Mobile App) for the period of 3 months, then will have to pay for its members.

It's easy to Join & become a Member

Registering to Kibaba is as simple as only 2-5 minutes only

Joining Kibaba gives an oportunity to your group to store members records and everyone will be able to see their records

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Keep Shares or Contribution Information

It's a nice thing to keep monetary information on the cloud

This feature captured members Shares information and save them online

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Loans & Repayments Management

Kibaba will help you keeping Loans and Repayment information

Keeps information about Loan dates, interest rate, insurance and Repayments

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Dividend to Group Members

Everyone wants to know about his/her Penny

If properly entered, system will calculate for you dividend of every member in no time.

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Created to serve you Perfectly

Our team of Engineers and designers are expert in Computer systems and their knowledge on Vicoba is undoubtful, thus, we bring to you the best Vicoba platfoam on earth

It 's funny to use Kibaba for Vicoba

Do you know that, Kibaba is improved through suggestions and recommendation of the users?

If you have questions, suggestions or recommendations, please go to our Forums


It's even cooler on Smartphones

You can use it on any Web browser of smartphone

Android users can download it from Playstore, any other smartphones, can access it through their webbrowser, simply type


Feedback from Users

We've set feedback from users so that you can witness how happy they are after start using Kibaba

The Kibaba Knowledge base for new users

New to Kibaba?, don't worry we have you covered

Get into our Knowledgebase system to learn more


Got Impressed to our features?

Here is the full list of our Features

1. Members Information
2. Buying of Shares/Contribution
3. Shares Loans
4. Social Funds Contributions
5. Social Loans
6. Repayment
7. Special Contribution
8. Ledger Book/Transactions
9. Accounts
10. Fund Transfer
11. Dividend
12. Membership withdrawal